Unique handmade woodworksWooden Globe



Material: Varnished oak wood, white glossy MDF

Length: 51 cm

Width: 37 cm

Height: 45 cm

Weight: 7 kg

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…and yet the  Earth is flat! or  is it round? or it may be cube! There are those who still can not agree on on this  in the 21st century. But one thing is certain that this cube representation of mother Earth  is not just for geeks and nerds! A hypothetical cube world the Earth would feature six square faces and you’d only encounter up/down gravity toward the centers of these regions. As you walked closer and closer to the edge, it would feel like you were walking up an incline and it would be difficult to stand up straight because the gravitational pull would draw you toward the center of the massive cube, which wouldn’t lie directly beneath your feet. This cube-shaped planet Earth represents  the contradictions of our world. Whether it is flat, cubed or round, You should stay awake and remain open, because your point of view about anything might be changed at any time, as the world itself is constantly changing as well. That is exactly what this special wooden cubic globe is about; this globe is all about suspension of disbelief. There’s changing your outlook, and then there’s seeing the world in a whole new way. We all must remember, that no matter how much we already know today, the world is still full of mystery.

It can be a spectacular decorative element of any interior. Whether it is an office space, or the living room of your home. Unique handmade fans and collectors can not miss this unique, inspiring and awesome wooden globe!

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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 51 × 37 × 45 cm

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